A Brief History About Crossword Puzzles

It was December 21, 1913 when Arthur Wynne, from Liverpool invented the word game which would become one of the most popular word games of the century, the Crossword Puzzles.

Even though it differs a lot from the crossword puzzles we see today, the concept remained intact and the fun seem to never have ended ever since. There have been many studies where solving crosswords on a regular basis can improve memory and brain function in older adults. Such activities can also improve mental functions in patients with early stages of dementia or other brain damages.

Who are some of the most known Crossword Constructors?

As of today, most would agree with us that Will Shortz (editor of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle) would be considered as one of the best of all time, even though his role lately has been an editor rather than a constructor himself. We would mention also other notable puzzle constructors such as Patrick Berry, who is capable of executing broth brilliant, original themes with smooth fills. He has published over 130 puzzles in the New York Times Crossword (5th highest overall during Will Shortz era) including 43 Sunday puzzles.

What should you do when you don't know the answer to a crossword clue?

While many consider it cheating, it actually isn't. While crossword puzzles tend to test your knowledge and overall mental power, the ultimate goal is to actually learn and broaden your horizon. There are actually many tools online which would help you solve crossword clues once you are stuck and the sole purpose is not to cheat the current game but to learn something new so that if that clue gets repeated, you would already know the answer.

Crossword Puzzles and Kids

As the technology advances and the gaming industry becomes more fierce, the good old days where you would spend time with your grand-father playing tic-tac-toe or a crossword puzzle are long gone. Crosswords are very essential for the formation of linguistic skills in children. There are plenty of crosswords for kids or even other puzzles that make the process very enjoyable for the kids, with lots of colors and easy to guess questions that will spark their interest and keep them busy for some time. Unfortunately more and more people are leaning towards technology (smartphones and tablets) to play even crossword puzzles but we hope that the good old paper and pen times will never come to an end.

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